OpenRAVE Documentation

Managing uses Django for managing documentation, news, and blogs. The code is maintained at:

Using system similar to


  1. Create a virtualenv
  2. Install dependencies:
apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client libpq-dev memcached python-dev gettext
pip install -r deploy-requirements.txt

If you only need to deploy, and don’t need to test any changes, you can use local-requirements.txt

Dependencies for Apache Webserver Deployment:

apt-get install libapache2-mod-wsgi
a2enmod wsgi
  1. Set up databases, as per django_website/settings/

  2. Create a ‘openrave.org_secrets.json’ file in the directoy above the checkout, containing something like:

    { "secret_key": "xyz",
      "superfeedr_creds": ["", "some_string"] }
  3. Initial DB Setup:

    ./ syncdb
    ./ convert_to_south docs

Future DB Update:

./ syncdb
./ migrate
  1. For Docs:

    ./ loaddata doc_releases.json
    ./ update_docs
  2. For adding new document:

    DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=openrave_website.settings python -c "from import models; models.DocumentRelease.objects.create(lang='en',version='0.7.0', scm=models.DocumentRelease.SVN, scm_url='', is_default=False);"

Re-index the documents:

./ update_docs
  1. Internationalization. For Japanese, edit locale/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES/django.po file: makemessages --locale=ja_JP compilemessages --locale=ja_JP
  2. Running Locally:

    python runserver
  3. For deployment checkout

Creating PostgreSQL Database

sudo -u postgres psql --command "CREATE ROLE openrave PASSWORD 'testpass' SUPERUSER CREATEDB CREATEROLE INHERIT LOGIN;"
createdb --host localhost --username openrave --encoding UTF-8 openrave_website


All HTML templates are in openrave_website/templates. Tutorial on HTML + Django syntax template language

Only write English in the HTML files and only inside these translation blocks:

Videos and image filenames should also be written within the translation blocks so that we can substitute them with the language equivalent.

Translating to Japanese

When English templates are done, execute: makemessages --locale=ja_JP

Open locale/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES/django.po and edit the translations. When done execute: compilemessages --locale=ja_JP

Restart the mujinwww server and the new translation should be visible!


Having problems with OpenRAVE?