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kinematicreachability Module

6D kinematic reachability space of a robot’s manipulators.

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Running the Generator --database kinematicreachability --robot=robots/barrettsegway.robot.xml

Showing the Reachability (uses mayavi2) --database kinematicreachability --robot=robots/barrettsegway.robot.xml --show


This is the reachability when counting the total number of configurations possible at each pose.


Usage: --database kinematicreachability [options]

Computes the reachability region of a robot manipulator and python pickles it
into a file.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        The max radius of the arm to perform the computation
  --xyzdelta=XYZDELTA   The max radius of the arm to perform the computation
                        The max radius of the arm to perform the computation
  --usefreespace        If set, will record the number of IK solutions that
                        exist for every transform rather than just finding
                        one. More useful map, but much slower to produce
                        Scales the reachability by this much in order to show
                        colors better (default=1.0)

  OpenRAVE Environment Options:
                        List all plugins and the interfaces they provide.
                        Default collision checker to use
    --physics=_PHYSICS  physics engine to use (default=none)
    --viewer=_VIEWER    viewer to use (default=qtcoin)
    --server=_SERVER    server to use (default=None).
                        port to load server on (default=4765).
    --module=_MODULES   module to load, can specify multiple modules. Two
                        arguments are required: "name" "args".
    -l _LEVEL, --level=_LEVEL, --log_level=_LEVEL
                        Debug level, one of
    --testmode          if set, will run the program in a finite amount of
                        time and spend computation time validating results.
                        Used for testing

  OpenRAVE Database Generator General Options:
    --show              Graphically shows the built model
    --getfilename       If set, will return the final database filename where
                        all data is stored
    --gethas            If set, will exit with 0 if datafile is generated and
                        up to date, otherwise will return a 1. This will
                        require loading the model and checking versions, so
                        might be a little slow.
    --robot=ROBOT       OpenRAVE robot to load
                        number of threads to compute the database with
                        The name of the manipulator on the robot to use

Class Definitions

openravepy.databases.kinematicreachability.RaveFindDatabaseFile((str)arg1, (bool)arg2) → str :

OPENRAVE_API std::string RaveFindDatabaseFile(const std::string & filename, bool bRead = true )

Searches for a filename in the database and returns a full path/URL to it.

filename -
the relative filename in the database
bRead -
if true will only return a file if it exists. If false, will return the filename of the first valid database directory.
a non-empty string if a file could be found.
class openravepy.databases.kinematicreachability.ReachabilityModel(robot)[source]

Bases: openravepy.databases.DatabaseGenerator

Computes the robot manipulator’s reachability space (stores it in 6D) and offers several functions to use it effectively in planning.

static CreateOptionParser()[source]
static InitializeFromParser(Model=None, parser=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]
class QuaternionKDTree(poses, transmult)[source]

Bases: openravepy.metaclass.AutoReloader

Artificially add more weight to the X,Y,Z translation dimensions

kFRSearch(pose, radiussq, k, eps)[source]

returns distance squared

kFRSearchArray(poses, radiussq, k, eps)[source]

returns distance squared

kSearch(poses, k, eps)[source]

returns distance squared

ReachabilityModel.UniformlySampleSpace(maxradius, delta)[source]
ReachabilityModel.generatepcg(maxradius=None, translationonly=False, xyzdelta=None, quatdelta=None, usefreespace=False)[source]

Generate producer, consumer, and gatherer functions allowing parallelization

ReachabilityModel.load()[source][source], contours=[0.01, 0.10000000000000001, 0.20000000000000001, 0.5, 0.80000000000000004, 0.90000000000000002, 0.98999999999999999], opacity=None, figureid=1, xrange=None, options=None)[source]
openravepy.databases.kinematicreachability.poseFromMatrix((planningutils)transform) → object :

Converts a 4x4 matrix to a 7 element quaternion+translation representation.

Parameters:transform – 3x4 or 4x4 affine matrix
openravepy.databases.kinematicreachability.rotationMatrixFromQArray((planningutils)quatarray) → object :

Converts an array of quaternions to a list of 3x3 rotation matrices.

Parameters:quatarray – nx4 array*args, **kwargs)[source]

Command-line execution of the example. args specifies a list of the arguments to the script.


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