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openravepy_ext Module

class openravepy.openravepy_ext.CollisionOptionsStateSaver(checker, options=None, required=True)[source]

Saves/restores the state of the collision checker options

openravepy.openravepy_ext.KinBodyStateSaver(body, options=None)[source]
openravepy.openravepy_ext.RobotStateSaver(body, options=None)[source]

for each quaternion, find the rotation about z that minimizes the distance between the identify (1,0,0,0). Return the transformed the quaternions along with the angle around the z-axis eliminated. qarray is a Nx4 array.

exception openravepy.openravepy_ext.openrave_exception(app_error)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

wrap up the C++ openrave_exception

exception openravepy.openravepy_ext.planning_error(parameter='')[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

openravepy.openravepy_ext.poseMultArrayT(pose, posearray)[source]

multiplies a pose with an array of poses (each pose is a quaterion + translation)

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatArrayRotate(qarray, trans)[source]

rotates a point by an array of 4xN quaternions. Returns a 3xN vector

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatArrayTDist(q, qarray)[source]

computes the natural distance (Haar measure) for quaternions, q is a 4-element array, qarray is Nx4

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatArrayTMult(qarray, q)[source]

multiplies a Nx4 array of quaternions with a quaternion

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatArrayTRotate(qarray, trans)[source]

rotates a point by an array of Nx4 quaternions. Returns a Nx3 vector

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatMultArrayT(q, qarray)[source]

multiplies a quaternion q with each quaternion in the Nx4 array qarray

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatRotate(q, trans)[source]

rotates a point by a 4-elt quaternion. Returns a 3 elt vector

openravepy.openravepy_ext.quatRotateArrayT(q, transarray)[source]

rotates a set of points in Nx3 transarray by a quaternion. Returns a Nx3 vector

exception openravepy.openravepy_ext.runtime_error(app_error)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

wrap up the C++ runtime_error

openravepy.openravepy_ext.transformInversePoints(T, points)[source]

Transforms a Nxk array of points by the inverse of an affine matrix

openravepy.openravepy_ext.transformPoints(T, points)[source]

Transforms a Nxk array of points by an affine matrix


a decorator that always calls openravepy_int.RaveDestroy at the function end


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