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Adding a Python Example

This document is for developers that want to add an official openravepy example to the subversion repository. Adding an example0 to the openravepy.examples module requires:

  • Add to python/examples/ directory
  • Add import example0 to python/exmaples/
  • Add to svn: using
svn add
  • Once installed, make sure it is executable through --example example0


Every example must follow this format when documenting it:

"""One sentence introduction.

.. examplepre-block:: example0

[user-specific text]

.. examplepost-block:: example0

examplepre-block and examplepost-block are special sphinx extensions that add the example images, code, and execution instructions.


All images should be put in the docs/images/examples directory and prefixed with the example name. The image that represents the example has to be in JPEG format and have the same name as the example:

  • docs/images/examples/example0.jpg

This same image will be used as a thumb image on the examples gallery. It can be replaced with a different image by adding:

  • docs/images/examples/example0_thumb.jpg

Other images part of the example can be:

  • docs/images/examples/example0_myimage.png
  • docs/images/examples/example0_anotherimage.jpg

To reference an image use:

.. image:: ../../images/examples/example0_myimage.png
  :width: 640


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