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Version:0.9.0 ()
Created:March 18, 2013

Welcome to Open Robotics Automation Virtual Environment

OpenRAVE provides an environment for testing, developing, and deploying motion planning algorithms in real-world robotics applications. The main focus is on simulation and analysis of kinematic and geometric information related to motion planning. OpenRAVE’s stand-alone nature allows is to be easily integrated into existing robotics systems. It provides many command line tools to work with robots and planners, and the run-time core is small enough to be used inside controllers and bigger frameworks. An important target application is industrial robotics automation.


This document is automatically generated for every release and binds together the following versioned resources:


  • Official Wiki - latest news, projects using OpenRAVE, and how to link OpenRAVE with other systems. Users can freely add their own project information on it.
  • Developers Guide - for core OpenRAVE development


  • The core C++ API is licenced under the Lesser GPL, which allows the OpenRAVE developers to guarantee a consistent API while enabling commercial use.
  • Most of the examples and scripts outside the core are licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, which is much less restrictive (similar to BSD).
  • Documentation is under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
  • Plugins can be released in any license the plugin authors choose to.


Please support OpenRAVE development by referencing it in your works/publications/projects with:

 author = "Rosen Diankov",
 title = "Automated Construction of Robotic Manipulation Programs",
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