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import os, weakref, inspect

[docs]class MetaInstanceTracker(type): def __init__(cls, name, bases, ns): super(MetaInstanceTracker, cls).__init__(name, bases, ns) cls.__instance_refs__ = [] def __instances__(cls): instances = [] validrefs = [] for ref in cls.__instance_refs__: instance = ref() if instance is not None: instances.append(instance) validrefs.append(ref) cls.__instance_refs__ = validrefs return instances
[docs]class InstanceTracker(object): __metaclass__ = MetaInstanceTracker def __new__(*args, **kwargs): cls = args[0] # deprecation due to python 2.6 cannot specifying arguments self = super(InstanceTracker, cls).__new__(cls)#*args, **kwargs) cls.__instance_refs__.append(weakref.ref(self)) return self def __reduce_ex__(self, proto): return super(InstanceTracker, self).__reduce_ex__(2)
[docs]class MetaAutoReloader(MetaInstanceTracker): def __init__(cls, name, bases, ns): super(MetaAutoReloader, cls).__init__(name, bases, ns) f = inspect.currentframe().f_back for d in [f.f_locals, f.f_globals]: if name in d: old_class = d[name] for instance in old_class.__instances__(): instance.change_class(cls) cls.__instance_refs__.append(weakref.ref(instance)) for subcls in old_class.__subclasses__(): newbases = [] for base in subcls.__bases__: if base is old_class: newbases.append(cls) else: newbases.append(base) subcls.__bases__ = tuple(newbases) break
[docs]class AutoReloader(InstanceTracker): __metaclass__ = MetaAutoReloader
[docs] def change_class(self, new_class): self.__class__ = new_class


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