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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Rosen Diankov <>
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License. 
from __future__ import with_statement # for python 2.5
import openravepy_int
import numpy
    import cPickle as pickle
    import pickle

import logging
log = logging.getLogger('openravepy')

[docs]def KinBodyStateSaver(body,options=None): log.warn('use body.CreateKinBodyStateSaver instead of KinBodyStateSaver') return body.CreateKinBodyStateSaver(options)
[docs]def RobotStateSaver(body,options=None): log.warn('use body.CreateRobotStateSaver instead of RobotStateSaver') return body.CreateRobotStateSaver(options)
[docs]class CollisionOptionsStateSaver(object): """Saves/restores the state of the collision checker options """ def __init__(self,checker,options=None,required=True): self.checker=checker self.oldoptions = None self.newoptions=options self.required = required def __enter__(self): if self.newoptions is not None: self.oldoptions = self.checker.GetCollisionOptions() success = self.checker.SetCollisionOptions(self.newoptions) if not success and self.required: self.checker.SetCollisionOptions(self.oldoptions) raise openrave_exception('Failed to set options 0x%x on checker %s'%(self.newoptions,str(self.checker.GetXMLId()))) def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): if self.oldoptions is not None: self.checker.SetCollisionOptions(self.oldoptions)
[docs]class TransformQuaternionsSaver(object): """saves/restores the openravepy_int.options.returnTransformQuaternion state """ def __enter__(self): self.laststate = openravepy_int.options.returnTransformQuaternion def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): openravepy_int.options.returnTransformQuaternion = self.laststate
[docs]def with_destroy(fn): """a decorator that always calls openravepy_int.RaveDestroy at the function end""" def newfn(*args,**kwargs): try: return fn(*args,**kwargs) finally: openravepy_int.RaveDestroy() newfn.__doc__ = fn.__doc__ newfn.__module__ = fn.__module__ newfn.__name__ = fn.__name__ return newfn # this is necessary due to broken boost python pickle support for enums
def _tuple2enum(enum, value): enum = getattr(openravepy_int, enum) e = enum.values.get(value,None) if e is None: e = enum(value) return e #def isEnumType(o): # return isinstance(o, type) and issubclass(o,int) and not (o is int) def _registerEnumPicklers(): from copy_reg import constructor, pickle def reduce_enum(e): enum = type(e).__name__.split('.')[-1] return ( _tuple2enum, ( enum, int(e) ) ) constructor( _tuple2enum) pickle(openravepy_int.IkParameterizationType,reduce_enum) #for e in [ e for e in vars(openravepy).itervalues() if isEnumType(e) ]: # pickle(e, reduce_enum) _registerEnumPicklers() import atexit atexit.register(openravepy_int.RaveDestroy)
[docs]class openrave_exception(Exception): """wrap up the C++ openrave_exception""" def __init__( self, app_error ): Exception.__init__( self ) self._pimpl = app_error def __str__( self ): return str(self._pimpl) def __unicode__( self ): return unicode(self._pimpl) def __getattribute__(self, attr): my_pimpl = super(openrave_exception, self).__getattribute__("_pimpl") try: return getattr(my_pimpl, attr) except AttributeError: return super(openrave_exception,self).__getattribute__(attr)
[docs]class runtime_error(Exception): """wrap up the C++ runtime_error""" def __init__( self, app_error ): Exception.__init__( self ) self._pimpl = app_error def __str__( self ): return self._pimpl.message() def __getattribute__(self, attr): my_pimpl = super(runtime_error, self).__getattribute__("_pimpl") try: return getattr(my_pimpl, attr) except AttributeError: return super(runtime_error,self).__getattribute__(attr)
[docs]class planning_error(Exception): def __init__(self,parameter=''): self.parameter = parameter def __str__(self): return 'openrave planning_error: '+repr(self.parameter)
[docs]def normalizeZRotation(qarray): """for each quaternion, find the rotation about z that minimizes the distance between the identify (1,0,0,0). Return the transformed the quaternions along with the angle around the z-axis eliminated. qarray is a Nx4 array.""" zangles = numpy.arctan2(-qarray[:,3],qarray[:,0]) sinangles = numpy.sin(zangles) cosangles = numpy.cos(zangles) return numpy.c_[cosangles*qarray[:,0]-sinangles*qarray[:,3], cosangles*qarray[:,1]-sinangles*qarray[:,2], cosangles*qarray[:,2]+sinangles*qarray[:,1], cosangles*qarray[:,3]+sinangles*qarray[:,0]],-2.0*zangles
[docs]def quatArrayTMult(qarray,q): """ multiplies a Nx4 array of quaternions with a quaternion""" return numpy.c_[(qarray[:,0]*q[0] - qarray[:,1]*q[1] - qarray[:,2]*q[2] - qarray[:,3]*q[3], qarray[:,0]*q[1] + qarray[:,1]*q[0] + qarray[:,2]*q[3] - qarray[:,3]*q[2], qarray[:,0]*q[2] + qarray[:,2]*q[0] + qarray[:,3]*q[1] - qarray[:,1]*q[3], qarray[:,0]*q[3] + qarray[:,3]*q[0] + qarray[:,1]*q[2] - qarray[:,2]*q[1])]
[docs]def quatMultArrayT(q,qarray): """ multiplies a quaternion q with each quaternion in the Nx4 array qarray""" return numpy.c_[(q[0]*qarray[:,0] - q[1]*qarray[:,1] - q[2]*qarray[:,2] - q[3]*qarray[:,3], q[0]*qarray[:,1] + q[1]*qarray[:,0] + q[2]*qarray[:,3] - q[3]*qarray[:,2], q[0]*qarray[:,2] + q[2]*qarray[:,0] + q[3]*qarray[:,1] - q[1]*qarray[:,3], q[0]*qarray[:,3] + q[3]*qarray[:,0] + q[1]*qarray[:,2] - q[2]*qarray[:,1])]
[docs]def quatArrayRotate(qarray,trans): """rotates a point by an array of 4xN quaternions. Returns a 3xN vector""" xx = qarray[1,:] * qarray[1,:] xy = qarray[1,:] * qarray[2,:] xz = qarray[1,:] * qarray[3,:] xw = qarray[1,:] * qarray[0,:] yy = qarray[2,:] * qarray[2,:] yz = qarray[2,:] * qarray[3,:] yw = qarray[2,:] * qarray[0,:] zz = qarray[3,:] * qarray[3,:] zw = qarray[3,:] * qarray[0,:] return 2*numpy.vstack(((0.5-yy-zz)*trans[0]+(xy-zw)*trans[1]+(xz+yw)*trans[2], (xy+zw)*trans[0]+(0.5-xx-zz)*trans[1]+(yz-xw)*trans[2], (xz-yw)*trans[0]+(yz+xw)*trans[1]+(0.5-xx-yy)*trans[2]))
[docs]def quatArrayTRotate(qarray,trans): """rotates a point by an array of Nx4 quaternions. Returns a Nx3 vector""" xx = qarray[:,1] * qarray[:,1] xy = qarray[:,1] * qarray[:,2] xz = qarray[:,1] * qarray[:,3] xw = qarray[:,1] * qarray[:,0] yy = qarray[:,2] * qarray[:,2] yz = qarray[:,2] * qarray[:,3] yw = qarray[:,2] * qarray[:,0] zz = qarray[:,3] * qarray[:,3] zw = qarray[:,3] * qarray[:,0] return 2*numpy.c_[(0.5-yy-zz)*trans[0]+(xy-zw)*trans[1]+(xz+yw)*trans[2], (xy+zw)*trans[0]+(0.5-xx-zz)*trans[1]+(yz-xw)*trans[2], (xz-yw)*trans[0]+(yz+xw)*trans[1]+(0.5-xx-yy)*trans[2]]
[docs]def quatRotate(q,trans): """rotates a point by a 4-elt quaternion. Returns a 3 elt vector""" xx = q[1] * q[1] xy = q[1] * q[2] xz = q[1] * q[3] xw = q[1] * q[0] yy = q[2] * q[2] yz = q[2] * q[3] yw = q[2] * q[0] zz = q[3] * q[3] zw = q[3] * q[0] return 2*numpy.array(((0.5-yy-zz)*trans[0]+(xy-zw)*trans[1]+(xz+yw)*trans[2], (xy+zw)*trans[0]+(0.5-xx-zz)*trans[1]+(yz-xw)*trans[2], (xz-yw)*trans[0]+(yz+xw)*trans[1]+(0.5-xx-yy)*trans[2]))
[docs]def quatRotateArrayT(q,transarray): """rotates a set of points in Nx3 transarray by a quaternion. Returns a Nx3 vector""" xx = q[1] * q[1] xy = q[1] * q[2] xz = q[1] * q[3] xw = q[1] * q[0] yy = q[2] * q[2] yz = q[2] * q[3] yw = q[2] * q[0] zz = q[3] * q[3] zw = q[3] * q[0] return 2*numpy.c_[((0.5-yy-zz)*transarray[:,0]+(xy-zw)*transarray[:,1]+(xz+yw)*transarray[:,2], (xy+zw)*transarray[:,0]+(0.5-xx-zz)*transarray[:,1]+(yz-xw)*transarray[:,2], (xz-yw)*transarray[:,0]+(yz+xw)*transarray[:,1]+(0.5-xx-yy)*transarray[:,2])]
[docs]def poseMultArrayT(pose,posearray): """multiplies a pose with an array of poses (each pose is a quaterion + translation)""" return numpy.c_[quatMultArrayT(pose[0:4],posearray[:,0:4]),quatRotateArrayT(pose[0:4],posearray[:,4:7])+numpy.tile(pose[4:7],(len(posearray),1))]
[docs]def quatArrayTDist(q,qarray): """computes the natural distance (Haar measure) for quaternions, q is a 4-element array, qarray is Nx4""" return numpy.arccos(numpy.minimum(1.0,numpy.abs(,q))))
[docs]def transformPoints(T,points): """Transforms a Nxk array of points by an affine matrix""" kminus = T.shape[1]-1 return,numpy.transpose(T[0:kminus,0:kminus]))+numpy.tile(T[0:kminus,kminus],(len(points),1))
[docs]def transformInversePoints(T,points): """Transforms a Nxk array of points by the inverse of an affine matrix""" kminus = T.shape[1]-1 return[0:kminus,kminus],(len(points),1)),T[0:kminus,0:kminus])


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