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OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver Class Reference

Helper class derived from KinBodyStateSaver to additionaly save robot information. More...

#include <robot.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RobotStateSaver (RobotBasePtr probot, int options=Save_LinkTransformation|Save_LinkEnable|Save_ActiveDOF|Save_ActiveManipulator)
virtual ~RobotStateSaver ()
virtual void Restore (boost::shared_ptr< RobotBase > robot=boost::shared_ptr< RobotBase >())
 restore the state
virtual void Release ()
 release the body state. _pbody will not get restored on destruction

Protected Attributes

RobotBasePtr _probot
std::vector< int > vactivedofs
int affinedofs
Vector rotationaxis
ManipulatorPtr _pManipActive
std::vector< UserDataPtr_vGrabbedBodies

Detailed Description

Helper class derived from KinBodyStateSaver to additionaly save robot information.

ormulticontrol.cpp, orplanning_door.cpp, orplanning_module.cpp, orplanning_multirobot.cpp, orplanning_planner.cpp, and ortrajectory.cpp.

Definition at line 453 of file robot.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::RobotStateSaver ( RobotBasePtr  probot,
int  options = Save_LinkTransformation|Save_LinkEnable|Save_ActiveDOF|Save_ActiveManipulator 

Definition at line 118 of file robot.cpp.

OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::~RobotStateSaver ( )

Definition at line 133 of file robot.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::Release ( )

release the body state. _pbody will not get restored on destruction

After this call, it will still be possible to use Restore.

Definition at line 144 of file robot.cpp.

void OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::Restore ( boost::shared_ptr< RobotBase robot = boost::shared_ptr<RobotBase>())

restore the state

robotif set, will attempt to restore the stored state to the passed in body, otherwise will restore it for the original body.
openrave_exceptionif the passed in body is not compatible with the saved state, will throw

Definition at line 138 of file robot.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

ManipulatorPtr OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::_pManipActive

Definition at line 475 of file robot.h.

RobotBasePtr OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::_probot

Definition at line 471 of file robot.h.

std::vector<UserDataPtr> OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::_vGrabbedBodies

Definition at line 476 of file robot.h.

int OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::affinedofs

Definition at line 473 of file robot.h.

Vector OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::rotationaxis

Definition at line 474 of file robot.h.

std::vector<int> OpenRAVE::RobotBase::RobotStateSaver::vactivedofs

Definition at line 472 of file robot.h.

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