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OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData Class Reference

An actuator for modeling motors and other mechanisms that produce torque/force. The actuator has only one degree of freedom. More...

#include <sensor.h>

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Public Types

enum  ActuatorState {
  AS_Undefined =0, AS_Idle =1, AS_Moving =2, AS_Stalled =3,
  AS_Braked =4
 the state of the actuator More...

Public Member Functions

 ActuatorSensorData ()
virtual SensorType GetType ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData
virtual ~SensorData ()
virtual bool serialize (std::ostream &O) const
 Serialize the sensor data to stream in XML format.

Public Attributes

ActuatorState state
dReal measuredcurrent
 measured current from the actuator
dReal measuredtemperature
 measured temperature from the actuator
dReal appliedcurrent
 current sent to the actuator
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData
uint64_t __stamp
 time stamp of the sensor data in microseconds. If 0, then the data is uninitialized! (floating-point precision is bad here). This can be either simulation or real time depending on the sensor.
Transform __trans
 the coordinate system the sensor was when the measurement was taken, this is taken directly from SensorBase::GetTransform

Detailed Description

An actuator for modeling motors and other mechanisms that produce torque/force. The actuator has only one degree of freedom.

Definition at line 156 of file sensor.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

the state of the actuator


returned when no state is defined


this actuator is idle


this actuator is in motion from previous commands


the actuator is stalled, needs to be unstalled by sending a ready signal


the actuator is braked

Definition at line 160 of file sensor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::ActuatorSensorData ( )

Definition at line 168 of file sensor.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual SensorType OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::GetType ( )

Implements OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData.

Definition at line 170 of file sensor.h.

Member Data Documentation

dReal OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::appliedcurrent

current sent to the actuator

Definition at line 177 of file sensor.h.

dReal OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::measuredcurrent

measured current from the actuator

Definition at line 175 of file sensor.h.

dReal OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::measuredtemperature

measured temperature from the actuator

Definition at line 176 of file sensor.h.

ActuatorState OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData::state

Definition at line 174 of file sensor.h.

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