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OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData Class Reference

Stores IMU data. More...

#include <sensor.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual SensorType GetType ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData
virtual ~SensorData ()
virtual bool serialize (std::ostream &O) const
 Serialize the sensor data to stream in XML format.

Public Attributes

Vector rotation
Vector angular_velocity
Vector linear_acceleration
boost::array< dReal, 9 > rotation_covariance
 Row major about x, y, z axes.
boost::array< dReal, 9 > angular_velocity_covariance
 Row major about x, y, z axes.
boost::array< dReal, 9 > linear_acceleration_covariance
 Row major x, y z axes.
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData
uint64_t __stamp
 time stamp of the sensor data in microseconds. If 0, then the data is uninitialized! (floating-point precision is bad here). This can be either simulation or real time depending on the sensor.
Transform __trans
 the coordinate system the sensor was when the measurement was taken, this is taken directly from SensorBase::GetTransform

Detailed Description

Stores IMU data.

Definition at line 117 of file sensor.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual SensorType OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::GetType ( )

Implements OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData.

Definition at line 120 of file sensor.h.

Member Data Documentation

Vector OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::angular_velocity

Definition at line 124 of file sensor.h.

boost::array<dReal,9> OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::angular_velocity_covariance

Row major about x, y, z axes.

Definition at line 127 of file sensor.h.

Vector OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::linear_acceleration

Definition at line 125 of file sensor.h.

boost::array<dReal,9> OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::linear_acceleration_covariance

Row major x, y z axes.

Definition at line 128 of file sensor.h.

Vector OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::rotation


Definition at line 123 of file sensor.h.

boost::array<dReal,9> OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData::rotation_covariance

Row major about x, y, z axes.

Definition at line 126 of file sensor.h.

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