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OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother Class Reference

Smoother planner for the trajectory points to avoiding collisions by extracting and using the currently set active dofs of the robot. More...

#include <planningutils.h>

Public Member Functions

 ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother (RobotBasePtr robot, const std::string &plannername="", const std::string &plannerparameters="")
virtual ~ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother ()
virtual PlannerStatus PlanPath (TrajectoryBasePtr traj)
 Executes smoothing. [multi-thread safe]

Protected Attributes

RobotBasePtr _robot
PlannerBasePtr _planner
PlannerBase::PlannerParametersPtr _parameters

Detailed Description

Smoother planner for the trajectory points to avoiding collisions by extracting and using the currently set active dofs of the robot.

Caches all the planners and parameters so PlanPath can be called multiple times without creating new objects. Only initial and goal configurations are preserved. The velocities for the current trajectory are overwritten. The returned trajectory will contain data only for the currenstly set active dofs of the robot.

Definition at line 71 of file planningutils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother ( RobotBasePtr  robot,
const std::string &  plannername = "",
const std::string &  plannerparameters = "" 
robotuse the robot's active dofs to initialize the trajectory space
plannernamethe name of the planner to use to smooth. If empty, will use the default trajectory re-timer.
plannerparametersXML string to be appended to PlannerBase::PlannerParameters::_sExtraParameters passed in to the planner.

Definition at line 350 of file planningutils.cpp.

virtual OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::~ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother ( )

Definition at line 80 of file planningutils.h.

Member Function Documentation

PlannerStatus OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::PlanPath ( TrajectoryBasePtr  traj)

Executes smoothing. [multi-thread safe]

trajthe trajectory that initially contains the input points, it is modified to contain the new re-timed data.
PlannerStatus of the status of the smoothing planner

Definition at line 367 of file planningutils.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

PlannerBase::PlannerParametersPtr OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::_parameters

Definition at line 92 of file planningutils.h.

PlannerBasePtr OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::_planner

Definition at line 91 of file planningutils.h.

RobotBasePtr OpenRAVE::planningutils::ActiveDOFTrajectorySmoother::_robot

Definition at line 90 of file planningutils.h.

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