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OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader Class Reference

create a xml parser for trajectories More...

#include <xmlreaders.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GeometryInfoReader (KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr geom=KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr(), const AttributesList &atts=AttributesList())
virtual ProcessElement startElement (const std::string &name, const AttributesList &atts)
virtual bool endElement (const std::string &name)
virtual void characters (const std::string &ch)
KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr GetGeometryInfo () const
bool IsOverwriteDiffuse () const
bool IsOverwriteAmbient () const
bool IsOverwriteTransparency () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader
 BaseXMLReader ()
virtual ~BaseXMLReader ()
virtual XMLReadablePtr GetReadable ()

Protected Attributes

KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr _pgeom
std::stringstream _ss
BaseXMLReaderPtr _pcurreader
bool _bOverwriteDiffuse
bool _bOverwriteAmbient
bool _bOverwriteTransparency

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader
enum  ProcessElement { PE_Pass =0, PE_Support =1, PE_Ignore =2 }
- Public Attributes inherited from OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader
std::string _filename
 XML filename/resource used for this class (can be empty)

Detailed Description

create a xml parser for trajectories

Definition at line 87 of file xmlreaders.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::GeometryInfoReader ( KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr  geom = KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr(),
const AttributesList atts = AttributesList() 
envthe environment used to create the trajectory
trajcan optionally pass a trajectory to initialize if need to read into an existing trajectory, but the pointer can be empty
attsattributes passed from <trajectory> tag

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::characters ( const std::string &  ch)

gets called for all data in between tags.

cha string to the data

Implements OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader.

virtual bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::endElement ( const std::string &  name)

Gets called at the end of each "</type>" expression. In this case, name is "type"

nameof the tag, will be always lower case
true if XMLReader has finished parsing (one condition is that name==_fieldname) , otherwise false

Implements OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader.

KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::GetGeometryInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 98 of file xmlreaders.h.

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::IsOverwriteAmbient ( ) const

Definition at line 105 of file xmlreaders.h.

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::IsOverwriteDiffuse ( ) const

Definition at line 102 of file xmlreaders.h.

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::IsOverwriteTransparency ( ) const

Definition at line 108 of file xmlreaders.h.

virtual ProcessElement OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::startElement ( const std::string &  name,
const AttributesList atts 

Gets called in the beginning of each "<type>" expression. In this case, name is "type"

nameof the tag, will be always lower case
attsstring of attributes where the first std::string is the attribute name and second is the value
true if tag is accepted and this class will process it, otherwise false

Implements OpenRAVE::BaseXMLReader.

Member Data Documentation

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_bOverwriteAmbient

Definition at line 116 of file xmlreaders.h.

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_bOverwriteDiffuse

Definition at line 116 of file xmlreaders.h.

bool OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_bOverwriteTransparency

Definition at line 116 of file xmlreaders.h.

BaseXMLReaderPtr OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_pcurreader

Definition at line 114 of file xmlreaders.h.

KinBody::GeometryInfoPtr OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_pgeom

Definition at line 112 of file xmlreaders.h.

std::stringstream OpenRAVE::xmlreaders::GeometryInfoReader::_ss

Definition at line 113 of file xmlreaders.h.

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