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cppexamples::PythonBindingModule Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PythonBindingModule (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, std::istream &)
virtual ~PythonBindingModule ()
virtual bool SimulationStep (dReal fElapsedTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::ModuleBase
 ModuleBase (EnvironmentBasePtr penv)
virtual ~ModuleBase ()
virtual int main (const std::string &cmd)
virtual void Destroy ()
 called when problem gets unloaded from environment
virtual void Reset ()
 called when environment is reset
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::InterfaceBase
 InterfaceBase (InterfaceType type, EnvironmentBasePtr penv)
virtual ~InterfaceBase ()
InterfaceType GetInterfaceType () const
const std::string & GetXMLId () const
const std::string & GetPluginName () const
EnvironmentBasePtr GetEnv () const
const READERSMAPGetReadableInterfaces () const
 Returns the raw map reference, this is not multithread safe and the GetInterfaceMutex should be locked before using.
virtual XMLReadablePtr GetReadableInterface (const std::string &xmltag) const
 Returns the readable interface. [multi-thread safe]
virtual XMLReadablePtr SetReadableInterface (const std::string &xmltag, XMLReadablePtr readable)
 Set a new readable interface and return the previously set interface if it exists. [multi-thread safe]
virtual const std::string & GetDescription () const
 Documentation of the interface in reStructuredText format. See Documenting Interfaces. [multi-thread safe]
virtual void SetDescription (const std::string &description)
 sets a description [multi-thread safe]
virtual void SetUserData (const std::string &key, UserDataPtr data) const
 set user data for a specific key. [multi-thread safe]
virtual UserDataPtr GetUserData (const std::string &key=std::string()) const
 return the user custom data [multi-thread safe]
virtual bool RemoveUserData (const std::string &key) const
 removes a user data pointer. if user data pointer does not exist, then return 0, otherwise 1. [multi-thread safe]
virtual void SetUserData (UserDataPtr data) RAVE_DEPRECATED
virtual const std::string & GetURI () const
 the URI used to load the interface (sometimes this is not possible if the definition lies inside an environment file). [multi-thread safe]
virtual const std::string & GetXMLFilename () const
virtual void Clone (InterfaceBaseConstPtr preference, int cloningoptions)
 Clone the contents of an interface to the current interface.
virtual bool SendCommand (std::ostream &os, std::istream &is)
 Used to send special commands to the interface and receive output.
virtual void Serialize (BaseXMLWriterPtr writer, int options=0) const
 serializes the interface

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from OpenRAVE::InterfaceBase
typedef std::map< std::string,
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::ModuleBase
static InterfaceType GetInterfaceTypeStatic ()
 return the static interface type this class points to (used for safe casting)
- Protected Types inherited from OpenRAVE::InterfaceBase
typedef boost::function< bool(std::ostream
&, std::istream &)> 
 The function to be executed for every command.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenRAVE::InterfaceBase
virtual void RegisterCommand (const std::string &cmdname, InterfaceCommandFn fncmd, const std::string &strhelp)
 Registers a command and its help string. [multi-thread safe]
virtual void UnregisterCommand (const std::string &cmdname)
 Unregisters the command. [multi-thread safe]
virtual boost::shared_mutex & GetInterfaceMutex () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenRAVE::InterfaceBase
std::string __description

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file orpythonbinding.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cppexamples::PythonBindingModule::PythonBindingModule ( EnvironmentBasePtr  penv,
std::istream &   

Definition at line 62 of file orpythonbinding.cpp.

virtual cppexamples::PythonBindingModule::~PythonBindingModule ( )

Definition at line 65 of file orpythonbinding.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool cppexamples::PythonBindingModule::SimulationStep ( dReal  fElapsedTime)

Reimplemented from OpenRAVE::ModuleBase.

Definition at line 69 of file orpythonbinding.cpp.

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