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collisionchecker.h File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

Collision checking related definitions. More...

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class  OpenRAVE::CollisionReport
 Holds information about a particular collision that occured. More...
class  OpenRAVE::CollisionReport::CONTACT
class  OpenRAVE::CollisionCheckerBase
 [interface] Responsible for all collision checking queries of the environment. If not specified, method is not multi-thread safe. See Collision Checker Concepts. More...
class  OpenRAVE::CollisionOptionsStateSaver
 Helper class to save and restore the collision options. If options are not supported and required is true, throws an exception. More...


namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.


typedef CollisionReport
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< CollisionOptionsStateSaver > 


enum  OpenRAVE::CollisionOptions {
  OpenRAVE::CO_Distance = 1, OpenRAVE::CO_UseTolerance = 2, OpenRAVE::CO_Contacts = 4, OpenRAVE::CO_RayAnyHit = 8,
  OpenRAVE::CO_ActiveDOFs = 16
 options for collision checker More...
enum  OpenRAVE::CollisionAction { OpenRAVE::CA_DefaultAction = 0, OpenRAVE::CA_Ignore = 1 }
 action to perform whenever a collision is detected between objects More...

Detailed Description

Collision checking related definitions.

Automatically included with openrave.h

Definition in file collisionchecker.h.