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openrave Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for openrave:


file  collisionchecker.h [code]
 Collision checking related definitions.
file  controller.h [code]
 Controller related definitions.
file  environment.h [code]
 Definition of the EnvironmentBase interface used for managing all objects in an environment.
file  geometry.h [code]
 Basic gemoetric primitives and affine math functions on them.
file  iksolver.h [code]
 Inverse kinematics related definitions.
file  interface.h [code]
 Base interface definition that all exported interfaces derive from.
file  kinbody.h [code]
 Kinematics body related definitions.
file  mathextra.h [code]
 Extra math routines that are useful to have but don't really belong anywhere.
file  module.h [code]
 Modules containing useful routines and algorithms.
file  openrave.h [code]
 Defines the public headers that every plugin must include in order to use openrave properly.
file  physicsengine.h [code]
 Physics engine related definitions.
file  planner.h [code]
 Planning related defintions.
file  plannerparameters.h [code]
file  planningutils.h [code]
 Planning related utilities likes samplers, distance metrics, etc.
file  plugin.h [code]
 Provides helper functions for creating plugins. Defines all the necessary functions to export.
file  plugininfo.h [code]
 Holds the plugin information structure.
file  robot.h [code]
 Base robot and manipulator description.
file  sensor.h [code]
 Sensor and sensing related defintions.
file  sensorsystem.h [code]
 Sensor systems used to define how environment information is organized and how bodies are managed.
file  spacesampler.h [code]
 Sampling definitions.
file  trajectory.h [code]
 Definition of OpenRAVE::TrajectoryBase.
file  utils.h [code]
 Programming related utilities likes tokenizers, timers, name checkers, etc.
file  viewer.h [code]
 Graphical interface functions.
file  xmlreaders.h [code]
 classes for reading common OpenRAVE objects from XML