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iksolver.h File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

Inverse kinematics related definitions. More...

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class  OpenRAVE::IkReturn
class  OpenRAVE::IkSolverBase
 [interface] Base class for all Inverse Kinematic solvers. If not specified, method is not multi-thread safe. See Inverse Kinematics Solver Concepts. More...


namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.


enum  OpenRAVE::IkFilterOptions {
  OpenRAVE::IKFO_CheckEnvCollisions =1, OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreSelfCollisions =2, OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreJointLimits =4, OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreCustomFilters =8,
  OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreEndEffectorCollisions =16, OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreEndEffectorEnvCollisions =16, OpenRAVE::IKFO_IgnoreEndEffectorSelfCollisions =32
 Controls what information gets validated when searching for an inverse kinematics solution. More...
enum  OpenRAVE::IkReturnAction {
  OpenRAVE::IKRA_Success = 0, OpenRAVE::IKRA_Reject = 1, OpenRAVE::IKRA_Quit = 2, OpenRAVE::IKRA_QuitEndEffectorCollision = (IKRA_Quit|0x00000080),
  OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectKinematics = (IKRA_Reject|0x00000010), OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectSelfCollision = (IKRA_Reject|0x00000020), OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectEnvCollision = (IKRA_Reject|0x00000040), OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectJointLimits = (IKRA_Reject|0x00000100),
  OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectKinematicsPrecision = (IKRA_Reject|0x00000200), OpenRAVE::IKRA_RejectCustomFilter = (IKRA_Reject|0x00008000)
 Return value for the ik filter that can be optionally set on an ik solver. More...

Detailed Description

Inverse kinematics related definitions.

Automatically included with openrave.h

Definition in file iksolver.h.