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kinbody.h File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

Kinematics body related definitions. More...

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class  OpenRAVE::KinBody
 [interface] A kinematic body of links and joints. If not specified, method is not multi-thread safe. See Kinematics Body Concepts. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::GeometryInfo
 Describes the properties of a geometric primitive. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::LinkInfo
 Describes the properties of a link used to initialize it. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Link
 A rigid body holding all its collision and rendering data. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Link::Geometry
 geometry object holding a link parent and wrapping access to a protected geometry info More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::MimicInfo
 Holds mimic information about position, velocity, and acceleration of one axis of the joint. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Mimic
struct  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Mimic::DOFFormat
struct  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Mimic::DOFHierarchy
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::JointInfo
 Describes the properties of a joint used to initialize it. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::Joint
 Information about a joint that controls the relationship between two links. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::BodyState
 Stores the state of the current body that is published in a thread safe way from the environment without requiring locking the environment. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::ManageData
 Access point of the sensor system that manages the body. More...
class  OpenRAVE::KinBody::KinBodyStateSaver
 Helper class to save and restore the entire kinbody state. More...


namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.


typedef boost::shared_ptr
< OpenRAVEFunctionParserReal > 


enum  OpenRAVE::GeometryType {
  OpenRAVE::GT_None = 0, OpenRAVE::GT_Box = 1, OpenRAVE::GT_Sphere = 2, OpenRAVE::GT_Cylinder = 3,
  OpenRAVE::GT_TriMesh = 4
 The type of geometry primitive. More...

Detailed Description

Kinematics body related definitions.

Automatically included with openrave.h

Definition in file kinbody.h.