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libopenrave.cpp File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

#include "libopenrave.h"
#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/utility.hpp>
#include <boost/thread/once.hpp>
#include <streambuf>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <locale>
#include "plugindatabase.h"
#include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
#include <libxml/globals.h>
#include <libxml/xmlerror.h>
#include <libxml/parser.h>
#include <libxml/parserInternals.h>
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/debugXML.h>
#include <libxml/xmlmemory.h>
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class  OpenRAVE::RaveGlobal
class  OpenRAVE::RaveGlobal::XMLReaderFunctionData


namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.
namespace  OpenRAVE::LocalXML




OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveSetDebugLevel (int level)
 Sets the global openrave debug level. A combination of DebugLevel.
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveGetDebugLevel ()
 Returns the openrave debug level.
OPENRAVE_API const std::map
< IkParameterizationType,
std::string > & 
OpenRAVE::RaveGetIkParameterizationMap (int alllowercase=0)
 returns a string of the ik parameterization type names
OPENRAVE_API IkParameterizationType OpenRAVE::RaveGetIkTypeFromUniqueId (int uniqueid)
 returns the IkParameterizationType given the unique id detmerined b IKP_UniqueIdMask
bool OpenRAVE::RaveInvertFileLookup (std::string &newfilename, const std::string &filename)
OPENRAVE_API std::ostream & OpenRAVE::operator<< (std::ostream &O, const IkParameterization &ikparam)
OPENRAVE_API std::istream & OpenRAVE::operator>> (std::istream &I, IkParameterization &ikparam)
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveGetIndexFromAffineDOF (int affinedofs, DOFAffine dof)
 Given a mask of affine dofs and a dof inside that mask, returns the index where the value could be found.
OPENRAVE_API DOFAffine OpenRAVE::RaveGetAffineDOFFromIndex (int affinedofs, int index)
 Given a mask of affine dofs and an index into the array, returns the affine dof that is being referenced.
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveGetAffineDOF (int affinedofs)
 Returns the degrees of freedom needed to represent all the values in the affine dof mask.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetAffineDOFValuesFromTransform (std::vector< dReal >::iterator itvalues, const Transform &t, int affinedofs, const Vector &axis=Vector(0, 0, 1))
 Converts the transformation matrix into the specified affine values format.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetAffineDOFValuesFromVelocity (std::vector< dReal >::iterator itvalues, const Vector &linearvel, const Vector &angularvel, const Vector &quatrotation, int affinedofs, const Vector &axis=Vector(0, 0, 1))
 Converts the linar and angular velocities into the specified affine values format.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetTransformFromAffineDOFValues (Transform &t, std::vector< dReal >::const_iterator itvalues, int affinedofs, const Vector &axis=Vector(0, 0, 1), bool normalize=true)
 Converts affine dof values into a transform.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetVelocityFromAffineDOFVelocities (Vector &linearvel, Vector &angularvel, std::vector< dReal >::const_iterator itvalues, int affinedofs, const Vector &axis=Vector(0, 0, 1), const Vector &quatrotation=Vector(1, 0, 0, 0))
 Converts affine dof velocities into linear and angular velocity vectors.
OPENRAVE_API std::ostream & OpenRAVE::operator<< (std::ostream &O, const TriMesh &trimesh)
OPENRAVE_API std::istream & OpenRAVE::operator>> (std::istream &I, TriMesh &trimesh)
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveInitRandomGeneration (uint32_t seed)
OPENRAVE_API uint32_t OpenRAVE::RaveRandomInt ()
OPENRAVE_API float OpenRAVE::RaveRandomFloat (IntervalType interval=IT_Closed)
OPENRAVE_API double OpenRAVE::RaveRandomDouble (IntervalType interval=IT_Closed)
void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::RaveXMLErrorFunc (void *ctx, const char *msg,...)
void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultStartElementSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar **atts)
void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultEndElementSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *name)
void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultCharactersSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *ch, int len)
bool OpenRAVE::LocalXML::xmlDetectSAX2 (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt)
bool OpenRAVE::LocalXML::ParseXMLData (BaseXMLReaderPtr preader, const char *buffer, int size)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveExp (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveLog (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveCos (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveSin (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveTan (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveLog2 (dReal f)
 base 2 logarithm
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveLog10 (dReal f)
 base 10 logarithm
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveAcos (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveAsin (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveAtan2 (dReal fy, dReal fx)
 arctangent2 covering entire circle
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RavePow (dReal fx, dReal fy)
 power x^y
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveSqrt (dReal f)
OPENRAVE_API dReal OpenRAVE::RaveFabs (dReal f)
 absolute value
Global Functionality - Interface Creation, Plugin Management, Logging

OPENRAVE_API const std::map
< InterfaceType, std::string > & 
OpenRAVE::RaveGetInterfaceNamesMap ()
 returns a lower case string of the interface type
OPENRAVE_API const std::string & OpenRAVE::RaveGetInterfaceName (InterfaceType type)
OPENRAVE_API std::string OpenRAVE::RaveGetHomeDirectory ()
 Returns the openrave home directory where settings, cache, and other files are stored.
OPENRAVE_API std::string OpenRAVE::RaveFindDatabaseFile (const std::string &filename, bool bRead=true)
 Searches for a filename in the database and returns a full path/URL to it.
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveInitialize (bool bLoadAllPlugins=true, int level=Level_Info)
 Explicitly initializes the global OpenRAVE state (optional).
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveInitializeFromState (UserDataPtr globalstate)
 Initializes the global state from an already loaded OpenRAVE environment.
OPENRAVE_API UserDataPtr OpenRAVE::RaveGlobalState ()
 A pointer to the global openrave state.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveDestroy ()
 Destroys the entire OpenRAVE state and all loaded environments.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveAddCallbackForDestroy (const boost::function< void()> &fn)
 Add a callback when the OpenRAVE global runtime is destroyed.
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveGetEnvironmentId (EnvironmentBasePtr penv)
 return the environment's unique id, returns 0 if environment could not be found or not registered
OPENRAVE_API EnvironmentBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveGetEnvironment (int id)
 get the environment from its unique id
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetEnvironments (std::list< EnvironmentBasePtr > &listenvironments)
 Return all the created OpenRAVE environments.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetPluginInfo (std::list< std::pair< std::string, PLUGININFO > > &plugins)
 Get all the loaded plugins and the interfaces they support.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveGetLoadedInterfaces (std::map< InterfaceType, std::vector< std::string > > &interfacenames)
 Get a list of all the loaded interfaces.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveReloadPlugins ()
 Reloads all the plugins.
OPENRAVE_API bool OpenRAVE::RaveLoadPlugin (const std::string &libraryname)
 Load a plugin and its interfaces.
OPENRAVE_API bool OpenRAVE::RaveHasInterface (InterfaceType type, const std::string &interfacename)
 Returns true if interface can be created, otherwise false.
OPENRAVE_API InterfaceBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateInterface (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, InterfaceType type, const std::string &interfacename)
OPENRAVE_API RobotBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateRobot (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name="")
OPENRAVE_API PlannerBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreatePlanner (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API SensorSystemBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateSensorSystem (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API ControllerBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateController (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API ModuleBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateModule (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API ModuleBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateProblem (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API ModuleBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateProblemInstance (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API IkSolverBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateIkSolver (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API PhysicsEngineBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreatePhysicsEngine (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API SensorBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateSensor (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OpenRAVE::RaveCreateCollisionChecker (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API ViewerBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateViewer (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API KinBodyPtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateKinBody (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name="")
OPENRAVE_API TrajectoryBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateTrajectory (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name="")
 Return an empty trajectory instance.
OPENRAVE_API TrajectoryBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateTrajectory (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, int dof) RAVE_DEPRECATED
OPENRAVE_API SpaceSamplerBasePtr OpenRAVE::RaveCreateSpaceSampler (EnvironmentBasePtr penv, const std::string &name)
OPENRAVE_API UserDataPtr OpenRAVE::RaveRegisterInterface (InterfaceType type, const std::string &name, const char *interfacehash, const char *envhash, const boost::function< InterfaceBasePtr(EnvironmentBasePtr, std::istream &)> &createfn)
 Registers a function to create an interface, this allows the interface to be created by other modules.
OPENRAVE_API UserDataPtr OpenRAVE::RaveRegisterXMLReader (InterfaceType type, const std::string &xmltag, const CreateXMLReaderFn &fn)
 Registers a custom xml reader for a particular interface.
OPENRAVE_API BaseXMLReaderPtr OpenRAVE::RaveCallXMLReader (InterfaceType type, const std::string &xmltag, InterfaceBasePtr pinterface, const AttributesList &atts)
 Returns the current registered reader for the interface type/xmlid.
OPENRAVE_API std::string OpenRAVE::RaveFindLocalFile (const std::string &filename, const std::string &curdir="")
 Returns the absolute path of the filename on the local filesystem resolving relative paths from OpenRAVE paths.
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::RaveSetDataAccess (int accessoptions)
 Sets the default data access options for cad resources/robot files.
OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::RaveGetDataAccess ()
 Returns the acess options set.


const char OpenRAVE::s_filesep = '/'
static boost::once_flag OpenRAVE::_onceRaveInitialize = BOOST_ONCE_INIT

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