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math.cpp File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

#include "libopenrave.h"
#include <algorithm>
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namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.
namespace  OpenRAVE::mathextra
 Extra math routines that are useful to have but don't really belong anywhere.


OPENRAVE_API int OpenRAVE::mathextra::CubicRoots (double c0, double c1, double c2, double *r0, double *r1, double *r2)
template<class T >
bool OpenRAVE::mathextra::_QLAlgorithm3 (T *m_aafEntry, T *afDiag, T *afSubDiag)
OPENRAVE_API bool OpenRAVE::mathextra::QLAlgorithm3 (float *m_aafEntry, float *afDiag, float *afSubDiag)
OPENRAVE_API bool OpenRAVE::mathextra::QLAlgorithm3 (double *m_aafEntry, double *afDiag, double *afSubDiag)
OPENRAVE_API void OpenRAVE::mathextra::EigenSymmetric3 (const double *fCovariance, double *eval, double *fAxes)