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OpenRAVE::LocalXML Namespace Reference




void RaveXMLErrorFunc (void *ctx, const char *msg,...)
void DefaultStartElementSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar **atts)
void DefaultEndElementSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *name)
void DefaultCharactersSAXFunc (void *ctx, const xmlChar *ch, int len)
bool xmlDetectSAX2 (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt)
bool ParseXMLData (BaseXMLReaderPtr preader, const char *buffer, int size)

Function Documentation

void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultCharactersSAXFunc ( void *  ctx,
const xmlChar *  ch,
int  len 

Definition at line 1972 of file libopenrave.cpp.

void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultEndElementSAXFunc ( void *  ctx,
const xmlChar *  name 

Definition at line 1954 of file libopenrave.cpp.

void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::DefaultStartElementSAXFunc ( void *  ctx,
const xmlChar *  name,
const xmlChar **  atts 

Definition at line 1928 of file libopenrave.cpp.

bool OpenRAVE::LocalXML::ParseXMLData ( BaseXMLReaderPtr  preader,
const char *  buffer,
int  size 

Definition at line 2005 of file libopenrave.cpp.

void OpenRAVE::LocalXML::RaveXMLErrorFunc ( void *  ctx,
const char *  msg,

Definition at line 1910 of file libopenrave.cpp.

bool OpenRAVE::LocalXML::xmlDetectSAX2 ( xmlParserCtxtPtr  ctxt)

Definition at line 1983 of file libopenrave.cpp.