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sensor.h File Reference

(2013-03-18 10:33:00 +0900, commit:334d202)

Sensor and sensing related defintions. More...

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class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase
 [interface] A sensor measures physical properties from the environment. If not specified, method is not multi-thread safe. See Sensor Concepts. More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorData
 used to pass sensor data around More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::LaserSensorData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::CameraSensorData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::JointEncoderSensorData
 Stores joint angles and EE position. More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::Force6DSensorData
 Stores force data. More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUSensorData
 Stores IMU data. More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::OdometrySensorData
 odometry data storing full 6D pose and velocity More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::TactileSensorData
 tactle data More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorSensorData
 An actuator for modeling motors and other mechanisms that produce torque/force. The actuator has only one degree of freedom. More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::SensorGeometry
 permanent properties of the sensors More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::LaserGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::CameraGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::JointEncoderGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::Force6DGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::IMUGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::OdometryGeomData
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::TactileGeomData
struct  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::TactileGeomData::Friction
 LuGre friction model? More...
class  OpenRAVE::SensorBase::ActuatorGeomData


namespace  OpenRAVE
 The entire OpenRAVE library.

Detailed Description

Sensor and sensing related defintions.

Automatically included with openrave.h

Definition in file sensor.h.