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wam7ikfast - ikfastsolvers

Interface Author:
 Rosen Diankov

An OpenRAVE wrapper for the ikfast generated files. If 6D IK is used, will check if the end effector and other independent links are in collision before manipulator link collisions. If they are, the IK will terminate with failure immediately. Because checking collisions is the slowest part of the IK, the custom filter function run before collision checking.

wam7ikfast Commands


Can only be called by a custom filter during a Solve function call.. Returns 1 if the filter was called already with the same robot link positions, 0 otherwise. This is useful in saving computation.


Can only be called by a custom filter during a Solve function call. Gets the indices of the current solution being considered. if large-range joints wrap around, (index>>16) holds the index. So (index&0xffff) is unique to robot link pose, while (index>>16) describes the repetition.


display help commands.


Specify two values. First is the default free increment for revolute joint and second is the number of segment to divide free prismatic joints.


sets the ik threshold for validating returned ik solutions


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