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ikfast - ikfastsolvers

Interface Author:
 Rosen Diankov

Allows dynamic loading and registering of ikfast shared objects to openrave plugins. Also contains several test routines for inverse kinematics.

ikfast Commands


Dynamically adds an ik solver to openrave by loading a shared object (based on ikfast code generation). Usage:

AddIkLibrary iksolvername iklibrarypath

return the type of inverse kinematics solver (IkParamterization::Type)


Function used for debugging and testing an IK solver. Input parameters are:

  • string readfile - file containing joint values to read, starts with number of entries.
  • int numtests - if file not specified, number of random tests to perform (defualt is 1000).
  • float sampledegeneratecases - probability in [0,1] specifies the probability of sampling joint values on [-pi/2,0,pi/2] (default is 0.2).
  • int selfcollision - if true, will check IK only for non-self colliding positions of the robot (default is 0).
  • string robot - name of the robot to test. the active manipulator of the roobt is used.


display help commands.


Tests for an IK solution if active manipulation has an IK solver attached


Dynamically calls the script to generate an ik solver for a robot, or to load an existing one Usage:

LoadIKFastSolver robotname iktype_id [free increment]

return nothing, but does call the SetIKSolver for the robot


Times the ik call of a given library. Usage:

PerfTiming [options] iklibrarypath

return the set of time measurements made in nano-seconds


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