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BaseFlashLidar3D - basesensors

Interface Author:
 Rosen Diankov

Provides a simulated 3D flash lidar sensor. A flash LIDAR instantaneously returns the depth measurements in the form of an image. It has the same projection parameters as a camera except each pixel is an active element that measures distance. The XML parameters are the same as BaseLaser2D - basesensors along with: * KK - 4 element vector that constructs the intrinsic matrix of the flash lidar (KK[0] 0 KK[2]; 0 KK[1] KK[3]; 0 0 1]. * width - the number of active elements along the x-axis. * height - the number of active elements along the y-axis.


BaseFlashLidar3D Commands


Returns the ids of the bodies that the laser beams have hit.


display help commands.


Set rendering of the plots (1 or 0).


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